Alejandro Hernandez


As an international speaker and seminar leader, I speak to corporate audiences on the subjects of negotiation and persuasion throughout the world: Europe, USA, China, India, Middle East and Latin America.

I speak to leaders and organizations in nearly every industry: GE Healthcare, Otis, Roca, Cosentino, Mercadona, Merck, Inditex, Caixabank o Itp Aero Rolls Royce.

I am a provider of negotiation seminars designed to make you a better and more skilled negotiator. I will equip your negotiators with the skills and tools to create value.

I offer an intense and highly participative negotiation course: Negotiation 5X5. This two-day negotiation seminar is ideal for buyers and sellers to gain skills to understand what is really the right behavior in their negotiations and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience, preparation and planning. This negotiation training will equip you with a framework for future negotiations and help you avoid simple concessions.

I’ve written 7 books, including the best selling negotiation book in Spain “Negociar es fácil, si sabe cómo”, “Negociación para Dummies”, “Busca la Chispa”, “Vender es fácil, si sabe como”, “El pequeño libro de la negociación”, “Cómo liderar hoy con 4 conversaciones” and “Negotiation 5X5”.

As an entrepreneur I own several companies such as Nichi Seijo, Hiper Fairs, Come Study USA and Training Providers.

I hold a degree in law. I live between Spain and Florida. I am married and a father of: Alex, a Summa Cum Laude B.F.A. Graduate from SCAD, Savannah; and Silvia, a College Sophomore in the School of International Service and the School of Communication at American University, DC.